Beauty from vitamins

Research gives that the average American diet just isn’t cutting it.

While increasing consumption of certain foods in our diet can help with this, multivitamins are another way to help ensure you are getting the proper nutrients.

So if you are considering a multivitamin, check with your doctor first.

Most of the Americans are not meeting the recommended daily intake for whole-grains, fruits and vegetables.

Many women lack iron, calcium, dietary fiber, potassium, chorine, magnesium and vitamins A, C, D and E in their diets according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

But not all multivitamins are created equal.

  1. Made of raw materials
  2. Non-GMO, organic
  3. Free of heavy metals, chemicals, and coloring
  4. Have certifications from NSF International, the Dietary Supplement Verification Program, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), or another reputable third party.
  5. Allergen- and gluten-free

Vitamins are like below :

  • Life Extension Two-Per-Day Multivitamin

Life Extension claims to include only dosages and nutrients check by science to be effective.

  • The Vitamin Shoppe Ultimate Women Gold Multivitamins

Vitamin D is being studied as a cardiovascular, reproductive system health. Store in a dry, cool place. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Ritual Women’s Multivitamin

The makers are serious about the quality of their product and very transparent about how and where they source their material.
The Essential for Women vitamin is 100% vegan. It is combination of nine important ingredients: boron, folate, magnesium, omega-3, B12, D3, iron and K2. The inclusions of omega-3s, which may help regulate inflammation. It reduces blood clotting.

  •  Saz Products Whole Food Multivitamin

Saz’s vitamin is digestive enzymes not only help with general digestion, they also aid the absorption of the nutrients. They are sourced from raw foods. Klaire Labs Prenatal & Nursing Formula.

  •  Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules

They may aid in boosting memory, fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation. You may get the PhytoMulti with iron or without depending on your needs. First take one to three capsules once daily with food or as adviced by your healthcare practitioner. Metagenics PhytoMulti Capsules are non-GMO and gluten free.

  •  Full Circle Prenatal Multivitamin

Full Circle Prenatal Multivitamin brand was created by a registered dietician. It contains vitamin B, choline, vitamin D and Iodine.

Most of prenatals contain less than the recommended levels of iodine. Full Circle Prenatal contains 250mcg of iodine which is in line with the American Thyroid Association’s and World Health Organization recommendations for iodine supplementation during pregnancy. The experts behind Full Circle Prenatal know the use of providing active forms of B vitamins, particularly folate and vitamins. You also may know that too many methylated B vitamins may cause other side effects and anxiety in some patients. The Full Circle Prenatal expertly combines adenosylcobalamin, methylcobalamin and methyltetrahydrofolate with calcium folinate (folinic acid) to provide enough active B vitamins while reducing side effects that affect patient compliance. 

Vitamin D plays a critical role in fertility, preventing pregnancy complications, fetal development and Full Circle Prenatal contains 4,000 IU’s of this critical nutrient.

Wagner CL., Hulsey TC, Hollis BW, Johnson D, Ebeling M, Vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy: Double-blind, randomized clinical trial of effectiveness and safety. J Bone Miner.

  •  Supplements Studio Whole Food Multivitamin Plus

Multivitamin contains the essentials as well as a probiotic blend/digestive enzyme. They use raw, gluten free ingredients, non-GMO to make their vitamins. It is composition of nutrients it claims to have on the label. It provides 100% daily requirements to the men’s and women. Whole food multivitamin made with vegetables and organic fruits. Third party tested 100% satisfaction guarantee.      

  •  Best for 50+: Rainbow Light Active old age 50+ Multivitamin

This multivitamin gives energy like whole foods, a main advantage says Hayim. It contains ingredients like spinach juices, organic spirulina super food, concentrated kale and beet all to help increase nutrient absorption and energy. It is food-based multivitamin. It protects brain, heart, bone, eye and immune health. It provides anti-aging defense and boosts energy levels. It is easy to digest with probiotics and enzymes. Rainbow Light Active multivitamin is iron and gluten free. It gentles on stomach.

  • Runner-Up, Best for 50+: Gaia Herbs Women’s Balance Capsules

Gaia is a recognizable (and with good reason) brand. Gaia has been using herbs and quality plants over a decade. It helps maintain a healthy hormone balance and also provides traditionally for relief of occasional hot flashes. Gaia contains a blend of St. John’s Wort, Vitex and Black Cohosh.

  1. Best Personalized: Vous Vitamin Personalized Vitamins

If we are having trouble finding a vitamin that’s tailor-made to fit your needs exactly and It look to one you may customize to your liking like this option developed by doctors. All we have to do is take a short quiz on the brand’s website. It also answers questions about your overall lifestyle, health and diet.


It is both non-GMO Project Verified and USDA Organic. The Ritual Essential for Women earns our vote for the best vegan option (and has the added advantage of being delivered to your door via a convenient subscription model). For the best option, the Swisse Ultivite Daily Multivitamin for Women is filled with 50 essential nutrients.

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